A Quality Teacher Training Program in
Classical Ballet

Be a Ballet Conservatoire member teacher. Learn the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet’s classical ballet training and examination program based on the Russian Vaganova method and gain an understanding of this world renowned method.

Register and teach the Ballet Conservatoire syllabus and obtain excellent results. Refresh your teaching technique by attending a teacher training seminar. Ballet Conservatoire student examinations are conducted annually.

Teaching Seminar Package

Pre-Primary, Primary, Preparatory Level 1, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 includes Seminar Fee, Provisional Teacher Membership Fee and all materials 

Level 5 and Senior Level includes Seminar Fee, Registered Teacher Membership Fee + all materials 

Excellence includes Seminar Fee, Registered Teacher Membership Fee + all materials 

Ballet Conservatoire Levels

Pre-Primary (5-6 years) - The enjoyment of dance whilst beginning to learn the discipline of classical ballet training and musicality

Primary (6-7 years) - More formal commencement of classical ballet training, but still including free expression work

Preparatory Level 1, Level 1 to Level 4 (8-14 years) - Careful development of the classical ballet technique, vocabulary of steps and expressivity

Level 5 and Senior Level (13-16 years) - Intermediate and Advanced levels of classical ballet technique training

Excellence (15 years and over) - Virtuosity and solo training in preparation for a professional career in classical ballet.

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